Terrance A. Crow

I’ve published four books in the science fiction/political thriller series Evolution’s Hand:

Discovering zero-transit time Fissures to nearby star systems like 61 Cygni should have been a boon, right? But for a mid-sized Corporation, it was anything but. Now, their CEO has to scramble to keep their hopes — and themselves — alive.

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Having survived the first salvos from the apex predator Corporations, the mid-sized Corporation TransStell is in even more trouble. The apex predator is vengeful over their humiliation. Now, the mid-sized Corporation has to fend off Biblical-scale attacks. If they fail, not only will they lose their lives — but an entire continent will die with them.

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Before, the UN had been the main target of TCP’s fury. Now, it’s TransStell. TCP ratchets up the heat — taking the Fissures public, savagely assaulting TransStell’s cash flow. And that’s the good news. The crew of the Indiana are trapped in Epsilon Eridani with an enemy fleet on their heels. And the nearest rescue is over ten light years away! What can they do with dwindling supplies and almost no combat capabilities?

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Conrad finally got out from under TCP’s scrutiny. He’d only had to fake his own death to do it. Now, he, Matsushita, and a handful of others could finally get the Sirius Project underway. At last, Conrad thought he had a chance to save humanity from its self-imposed evolutionary cliff.

Then they discovered that a star system they intended to colonize had been inhabited until only recently. As in, a couple hundred years ago. Something, or someone, had exterminated Ross 128’s previous inhabitants in the blind of an eye. Conrad and his team can’t move forward until they solve this mystery. And it’s looking more and more like this is bigger problem than it seems.

Back at Earth, TCP hasn’t given up on punishing TransStell. Henry Duncan embarks on a mission to recruit the brother of a survivor from the Indiana. All the while, TCP tightens its noose. Even if Conrad can solve the extinction problem in Ross 128, if TransStell can’t recruit potential colonists, then the Sirius Project is still dead. Already disheartened by the apparent death of his CEO and others, can Henry Duncan muster enough strength to accomplish his mission? Or given TCP’s tactics and resources, will that even matter?

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Here’s a tentative schedule for the next books:

Targeting mid-2024 publication.

Targeting late-2024 publication.