Terrance A. Crow

I’ve published two books in the science fiction/action adventure series Evolution’s Hand:

Discovering zero-transit time Fissures to nearby star systems like 61 Cygni should have been a boon, right? But for a mid-sized Corporation, it was anything but. Now, their CEO has to scramble to keep their hopes — and themselves — alive.

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Having survived the first salvos from the apex predator Corporations, the mid-sized Corporation TransStell is in even more trouble. The apex predator is vengeful over their humiliation. Now, the mid-sized Corporation has to fend off Biblical-scale attacks. If they fail, not only will they lose their lives — but an entire continent will die with them.

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Here’s a tentative schedule for the next books:

Targeting mid-2023 for publication.

Targeting late-2023 for publication.

Targeting mid-2024 publication.

Targeting late-2024 publication.