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Accountability Post 2021 Week 05

Introduction to the Accountability Post 2021 Week 05

Will this be the third time in a row where I wrote 3 days in a single week? Or did I crash and burn horribly, leaving my word count exactly where it was when I wrote my previous accountability post?

Do I need to go through remedial training for writing intros?

This past week, somehow, I did manage to write on Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Tuesday evening. I have to carefully balance my time to hit the publishing targets for my anime site (near the bottom under Publishing Schedule). If I push it (especially Thursday night), I can keep most of Monday and Tuesday free. I then use Monday to write this post and catch up on e-mail (Over a thousand unopened in my inbox after 3 or 4 days? That’s too much). That leaves Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and Tuesday evening to write the novel. Everything else goes to writing anime reviews.

Here’s how I did this week, keeping in mind that my last post caught you up through January 24, 2021:

Another week where I worked on the novel for 3 days! Fingers crossed (toes, too) that this becomes a habit.

It’s only an additional 8,523 words, but it shows two things I think are important. First, in a two hour stretch, I’m consistently hitting about 2,500 words. Second, at this pace, I should complete the draft of a little over 2 books in a year, assuming a book is about 200,000 words. That’s with a full time job, full time family, and an anime site.

Next Goals after This Accountability Post 2021 Week 05

This past Sunday, I finished the first draft of Chapter 29. So far, the Indiana has nearly completed its shakedown cruise and crew training, so they’re about to disembark on their mission to 61 Cygni. Porter’s hold on Terran Consolidated Products is more tenuous than he knows, Conrad really does not want to be a CEO, and Booth has realized that Alder is hiding something. Maybe several things. Oh, and he’s surprised at the excellent beer selection in the pub he found in Brussels.

Perhaps the character I feel most badly for is Martin. He’s watching everything he ever fought for getting stomped into the mud, and in frustration and fury, he’s about to do something he’ll regret.

“Resiliency Testing” is currently the 29th chapter. I’m forcing myself not to think about the next book (or the next trilogy, which my stupid brain is trying to distract me with). Must. Finish. This. First.

I take that back. Doctor Adair is the one I feel most sorry for. At least Martin has command of the UN Sol Defense Protectorate. He can do something about his convictions. Adair is completely alone…

I really want to share this book with y’all! But first, I have to finish it. So, I’ll keep pressure on myself by continuing to write the Accountability Posts. Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around this long. I’ll try to keep these at least mildly entertaining so you don’t feel compelled to wander off! Thanks especially for everyone who’s commented and offered advice. It’s always great to hear from you!

Feedback Welcome!

Speaking of which, do you have any news about what you’re working on? Any tips about how you keep focused? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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