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Accountability Post 2021 Week 51

Introduction to the Accountability Post 2021 Week 51

World Real Life Events (WRLEs) and Family Real Life Events (FRLEs) were the rule this week. And I had thought they were intrusive last week! I was supposed to be on vacation last week, but that didn’t work out! And this week is starting out no better. Despite that, I made some progress. But before I talk about that and announce the new titles (this time for sure!), let’s look at the numbers.

Accountability Post 2021 Week 51 By the Numbers

Really, it’s not as bad as it looks!

I lost one weekend to a WRLE. I lost three evenings to FRLEs. And I’m losing most of tonight and likely tomorrow night to a WRLE. That said, I still managed to push forward. I finished defining the plot points for Cardinal Tadlock’s arc. I revised the cardinal’s Hook and finished the first draft of his Plot Turn 1. That accounts for the 2 new plot points (okay, the Hook is technically a rewrite, but it has such a bigger mission that I’m counting it as new!).

To write even that much, I had to design several new exteriors, including the administrative building that houses Tadlock’s offices. I had to design the interior set of his office and reception area. Even more importantly, I had to cast two new characters, both abbots, as well as sketch out their territories, since neither oversees an area that qualifies as a diocese yet. So though the word count only inched upward, I did manage to get a lot of background work done.

New Titles for Books One, Two, and Three!

I got feedback on my original titles for the first three books, and it wasn’t positive. I had intended to name them based on the star system that dominated each story. Specifically:

  • Book One: 61 Cygni
  • Book Two: Epsilon Eridani
  • Book Three: Sirius

The feedback was that while it was clear the books had some science fiction feel, which the covers would have reinforced, there was no feel of action. No indication of drama or tension.

After thinking about it for a while, I think I’ve settled on a new set of titles. Presenting the titles for the first three books of the series called Evolution’s Hand:

  • Book One: Executive Action
  • Book Two: Dying Breath
  • Book Three: Primary Target

If you had an immediate reaction to any of these titles, I’d love to know about it! Just let me know in the comments!

Goals for the Week in Accountability Post 2021 Week 51

This week, I want to continue to focus on my response to the developmental editor for book one. Specifically:

  1. Revise four of the plot points for the Quaid Adair
  2. Revise three more of the plot points for Clifton Tadlock

That’s likely overly ambitious. But I figure if I don’t push, I won’t make progress.

What Do You Think?

How do you create titles for your books or short stories? What do you think of my new titles? I’d love to know what you think! Feel free to drop a note in the comments!

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