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Progress Report 2022 Week 10

Introduction to Progress Report 2022 Week 10

Only a few steps remain before I’ll be ready to publish Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action. One of those steps is the proof read edit from Reedsy. Did it come through this week? How about discussions with an artist about the cover? What progress did I make writing Evolution’s Hand Book 3: Primary Target? Let’s look at the week’s numbers first!

Progress Report 2022 Week 10 By the Numbers

Word count was down, but I had to do a lot of set design. I’d forgotten how much of that I do early in a book!

This week, I spent some time on tasks other than writing Primary Target. I’ll get into more detail below, but one of those things was designing the European Military’s headquarters in the Brussels European District. That was fun! It meant a lower total word count compared to the previous week, but as always, the work helped me better visualize the scenes. I’m convinced Jack Booth’s scenes flowed more smoothly because of that investment.

Proof Read Edit Delayed

Remember last week, when I expressed concern that I had heard nothing from the proof read editor, even though the edit was due that day? Well, I finally reached out to the editor and learned that due to extenuating circumstances, the edit would be late. The new date was late last week.

It’s nineteen hundred hours here in the Eastern United States on March 7, 2022, and I still don’t have the proof read. I wanted to have that edit in my hands so I could shop for a narrator on ACX. I also wanted it done before I launched my e-mail list. It’s not strictly necessary for the latter, but I wanted to have the hurdle cleared so I could focus forward.

Since Reedsy has already charged me, I’m confident the edit will get done. The extenuating circumstances seemed real to me, and I don’t want to add to anyone’s misery by complaining. So I’ll see where we stand by my next progress report.

Progress on Last Week’s Goals

Finish Plot Turn 1 for Matsushita Sachi and Jack Booth; Start Plot Point 1 for Ira Malhotra

I finished Matsushita’s plot turn 1. I started Jack Booth’s but did not finish it. I had not realized that he would have to visit European External Action Service (EEAS), the EU’s military headquarters (at least, it becomes so in the two hundred years or so!). That meant that I had to design the areas that Jack would see. They are important scenes, and I wanted to be able to visualize them.

With apologies to Supervisor Ira Malhotra, I did not start her first plot turn this week.

Decide Whether or Not to Launch Executive Action with an Audio Version

I think I’ve come to a decision. That probably sounds wishy-washy, and that would accurately reflect where I am right now! I researched ACX, and they offer a purely plot-sharing model. They take little or nothing up front, and they keep a cut of all audio book profits. They offer the best deal if they get to market it exclusively, which means they will sell it on Amazon, Audible, and Apple iTunes.

Of course, I can’t bid the job until I have a finished manuscript. So this goal is going to go into a holding pattern until I get the proof read edit back.

Setup the E-Mail List’s Sales Funnel and Launch It

I wish I could write ad copy that would entice readers to take Fry’s attitude!

I’m excited and scared to report that I setup the sign-up form and tested the basic automation. Including my e-mail address, I now have three e-mail addresses, with gratitude to my wife and daughter. It’s working, but my wife has informed me I should add one or two more steps. The first will send a follow-up e-mail to make sure the recipient received the links to the free short story. It’ll also reiterate that I won’t spam them and that they should expect news letters once or twice a month.

A Secret Spontaneous Goal! Or Two!

Okay, “secret” might be overstating it, but I started revising the first draft of Evolution’s Hand Book 2: Dying Breath this week. I’ve gotten through chapter 8. I don’t think I’ll put Dying Breath though a developmental edit, but it will need a proof read edit. For the proof read edit, I might query the Fiverr editor who proof read Code Blue. I liked their work, and they provided some high-level commentary as well.

I also exchanged messages with a Fiverr artist I’m considering to hire for the cover. Unfortunately, he hasn’t responded to the last couple messages I’ve sent after responding promptly to the first. I know the world’s in a crisis right now, so I’m not inclined to get prickly about it.

There’s just a lot going on all over, isn’t there?

Goals for the Week in Progress Report 2022 Week 10

Here’s what I hope to accomplish this week:

  1. Finish plot turn 1 for Jack Booth and Ira Malhotra
  2. Add new automations to the e-mail sales funnel and launch it
  3. Continue working on Dying Light’s second draft

What Do You Think?

Have you worked with a work for hire site like Reedsy or Fiverr? How do you deal with editors who don’t hit their target dates? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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