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Progress Report 2022 Week 22

It’s launch week for Evolution’s Hand Book 1: Executive Action! Or is it? Did I maybe chicken out? Run into technical issues? How about the beta reads for Book 2: Dying Breath? And we haven’t even asked about Book 3: Primary Target yet! But first, here’re the key numbers for the week.

Progress Report 2022 Week 22 By the Numbers

Wow! Progress on multiple fronts! But not all fronts…

I’ll talk a little more about Book 3: Primary Target below. I made progress, though I had to spend time tweaking the plot. And, sad to say, I had a major Real Life Family Event (RLFE) this week. It lasted for two days. But such is life. At least I was here to do what I could.

The only place I made zero progress was with the beta read for Book 2: Dying Breath. Both beta readers requested extensions: one for a few days, one for a week and a few days. That means if there are no more delays, I’ll be able to talk about both in next week’s progress update.

Executive Action Launch Week!

No, I didn’t chicken out. It’s Executive Action launch week! And guess what? You can pre-order it now! You can choose from two sources:

I’ve learned a lot about preparing both the eBook and print versions. I’ve also learned a lot about timing. Looking back over my preparations to publish, I can see a lot of opportunity for improvement. Which, I have to admit, makes sense. This is my first time through. But between us, I feel like I let Executive Action down. It deserved a better launch campaign!

In any event, I wanted to give you a chance to pre-order the book before anyone else. I’ll announce availability on my mailing list on Wednesday, so you get the first opportunity!

If you decide to buy it, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

My first ever proof copy. I have to say, I’m a little excited about it!

Primary Target Progress

I only spent two days actually writing. On a positive note, I averaged 2,200 words per session. That’s not bad, given my past performance. I was a little stuck, so I had to take a step back with Jack Booth’s arc. After I considered it more carefully in relation to Melchizedek “Dek” Conrad’s arc and the arc for Atticus Porter, I think I figured out at least the next plot points.

In fact, I finished one of my goals from last week, which was Booth’s Plot Turn 1. One of the reasons I did not write on Tuesday and Thursday was that I was building out some more characters and sets for the EU Parliament. I’m sure to Europeans, their government’s layout makes sense. To me as an American, the multiple Presidents (EU Commission and EU Parliament, for example) were a little unexpected. Though it’s probably more accurate to say that my education is lacking is a little unexpected. Or maybe not. I did say I’m an American, after all!

In any event, I got to build sets for Espace Léopold, the EU Parliament’s building in Brussels. In our time, EU Parliament splits it meeting schedule between Brussels and Strasbourg, France. By the the year 2171, when Primary Target takes place, it had moved exclusively to Brussels. The bottom line is that Booth’s arc is back on track, at least for now.

Goals for the Week in Progress Report 2022 Week 22

  • Publish Executive Action and begin its advertising campaign
  • Process feedback from the beta readers for Dying Breath
  • Finish Conrad’s Pinch 1 (I got 2/3 through it this week)
  • Finish Matsushita’s Pinch 1 (it was a stretch goal this week, and I did not get to it)

What Do You Think?

Have you ever managed a book launch? What were your biggest/most frustrating challenges? I’d love to hear about your experience! Please feel free to share in the comments!